Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Princess Kendra's Dream Theatre: The Prince Edition

So I thought I might offer up my own dream. Apparently Kendra is not the only one in the family with an odd subconscious. I think I have an excuse. I took a double dose of 10 mg melatonin before bed when I had this dream so it's a reasonable assumption that my brain chemistry was changed for the evening. What followed was a disturbing look into my pop-culture laden psyche. It was also a pretty star-studded affair with guest appearances by two classic TV stars from the '80s and a recent Oscar nominee.

I swear this is all real.

I was going to some weird warehouse building that was filled with people. There was this house on the outside that was inhabited by rednecks and we were heading there. I was with the actor John Fawkes who was Kenny Powers' brother and we went to this house and had the redneck family come out. There was a weird stage set up and I walked up and placed and miniature train car on these tracks that were there. I had come to this people's house to show them that I had shrunk down Patrick Duffy from Step by Step and Dallas and put him in the train car. I asked one of them for a car battery thinking that if we shocked him he would dance. Then a huge crowd formed to see him. Everyone was watching and then Lynda Carter (who played Wonder Woman on TV) came up and grabbed Patrick Duffy and threw him into the crowd. I screamed "What have you done? He's as good as dead!" Then John Fawkes and I started to run because we didn't want to get in trouble for his death. As we were turning the corner we saw that Patrick Duffy was OK and full-sized in a turquoise sport coat and he was coming back in to see who was responsible for everything. He was pissed. So John Fawkes and I dropped to the dirt to stay out of sight. Then I woke up.

Right when I woke up from this absurdist theater show, I sat up in bed and actually said out loud "What the fuck?"


  1. I like the celebrity appearances... they make it more interesting for everyone... normally I hate hearing about people's dreams unless I'm in them but I enjoyed this one. You and Kendra should see if you can have a joint dream... maybe wire your heads together. I can help if you want.

  2. What an interesting family we have. Hannah is starting with the weird dreams now too. I was in one of hers and there was also an appearance by an Indian man and a killer whale.

  3. Maybe I can incept Kendra and make her dream what I want her to. I'm going to try it tonight.