Friday, April 1, 2011

Princess Kendra's Dream Theatre: Greg Nice Makes a Cameo

So baby sister's subconscience is at it again. This time, my friend and associate Greg Nice made a cameo along with his illegitimate sisters. Who are soley the product of my sister's twisted dreamscape, I should add. I don't think there are any skeletons of this nature in the family closet. I can't be certain but I would stake my spotless reputation on it. Anywho, enjoy!

I had a dream last night with a cameo of Greg [Nice] all up in it!

I'm not sure if this was apart of the dream, but Matt, we first started out at the mall with the Kemps. The girls were waiting in line to go the bathroom and Dawn and Buzz just started walking away and was like, "Ehhhh whatever. They'll be fine." I didn't want to leave them so I remember staying and waiting for them.

The next thing I remember, I was on the road turning onto RT 1 and there were like 4 hippies sitting in the middle of the road on those pop out camping chairs. I remember driving past them and I saw they were drinking coffee and had small signs so I figured they were protesting something.

Fast forward to me somehow being in a hotel room, I open the door an am bombarded by those four hippie chicks. They were all pretty unattractive- bad makeup, very plain, looked like those feminist girls from the PCU movie. They all start screaming and are all loud demanding if I know Greg, etc. I was actually on my way to meet the two of you in a bar.

They were like, "He's a whore!" And I said, "Who? Greg is a whore?" And they replied, "No, his dad. We are all his daughters!" Point of that being- your father had a lot of illegitimate, unattractive daughters. They were super fired up so I remember just F-ing with them. The one was all screaming in my face and I was like, "You are cute. C'mere and give me a kiss."

Your sisters continued to follow me down the hall shouting and I entered the bar to meet you guys which was definitely like a Jillians/Dave and Busters type of bar. I saw you guys at the table and I was just kind of chuckling because I had this yelling entourage following me. At this point Greggy, your face went completely white. The sisters saw Greg and started in on him and Matt, you said to me, "Oh great- everyone is all excited because they think it's about to get all ghetto up in here." The entire bar thought there was going to be a massive throw down.

So the real question- were they protesting your father in the middle of the road right near Rt. 1? Keep your family drama outta my dreams.
Amen, sister.

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  1. Now I just really want to go to Dave and Busters.