Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Prince's Word of the Day: Mansuetude

So this morning I was greeted by another silly word courtesy of my Word of the Day e-mail. The word in question was "mansuetude." As you may have guessed, this word does not mean what it looks like it means (if that makes any damn sense to you).

Mansuetude's actual definition, according to, is "mildness; gentleness." Huh? When you put "MAN" right in the front of the word, the last thing I am thinking about is being gentle. The "sue" part throws you off just a little bit at first but the "tude" at the end really seals the deal.

In my mind, mansuetude should mean "a manly attitude." That is clearly more fitting and in keeping with the fragile male ego. We can't have gentle associated with us. It's unbecoming.

To further explain my new definition, I give you the Prince's Word of the Day Players, starring me and some other person.

Some Other Person: How was your dinner with Steve the other night?
Me: It was OK. He ordered a steak for dinner. Then when I asked for quiche he jumped up, kicked me in the nuts and then chugged a can of Budweiser.
SOP: Now that's what I call mansuetude!
Me: Fucking Steve, right?

See? My version is way better. You'll all be happy to know that when I take over, the people in charge of word definitions will be the first put against the wall. Then my regime will truly take shape.

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