Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Princess Kendra's Dream Theatre: That's a Situation!

Oh how I've missed this. They never get old to me. I hope they don't get old to you either. This time around, baby sis visits grandma's house and becomes The Situation's bang maid. Enjoy.

I was in Dotsy's house, but she wasn't there and The Situation came over. I was making eggplant parmesan, but heated up some leftover eggplant parm for him. I heated it in a Styrofoam container, but saw that melted away so I plated it for him. We were just hanging out, I thought per chance we could bang, but it was more of a friendly visit. I heard some rustling around upstairs and then Dad came down the stairs, tripping and totally wasted. The Situation pretty much bolted after he introduced himself and I thought it looked so sketchy, like I was running a bang session. When he introduced himself, he was all thuggish, and I was so embarrassed.

Not nearly as embarrassed as the family when we try and explain my sister. Also, I am still waiting on that free psychiatric advice for her. Don't be stingy, dammit.

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