Monday, December 13, 2010

More Reasons to Love Bea Arthur

This is all over the Internet, but I feel as though I am doing a disservice if I don't share this with my loyal subject.

It appears that Bea Arthur, contrary to her public statements, did a stint in the Marines.

What a bad ass.

She served under her birth name of Bernice Frankel and as you can see is tall as shit. She enlisted in 1943 and served for 30 months in the Women's Reserve as a typist and truck driver. Strangely enough, she has always publicly denied that she served. It's not like people can't check. I guess someone finally did.

During her enlistment, she took part in interviews that contributed to a "personality appraisal" that called her "argumentative" and "over aggressive." That's my girl. I feel like she would have fit in well with the hard-ass women in my family. She would have been my favorite great-aunt or something and would have constantly busted my balls.

The only blemish on her record was a misconduct report from when she contracted a venereal disease and was laid up for five days as a result. That's a vicious VD.

If you want all the sordid details, visit The Smoking Gun.

Semper Fi, Bea! You're in elite company.

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