Monday, October 31, 2011

Mastiff Monday: Halloween Edition

First of all sorry for the lack of entries. I am a bit of a shitty blogger. I'm OK with that though because I am a really good friend and I think that counts for more.

Anywho, it's Halloween and that means you'll see a ton of little kids in costume today. You will also see a lot of people putting their dog "babies" in costume too. Some people think this is weird and that is a valid point. But I ask you this: why hold dominion over anything if you don't use that power to amuse yourself? It's why we put funny costumes on kids and babies and it rightly carries over to dogs. Case in point. Our buddy the flying monkey above.

The real fun part about mastiffs at Halloween has to be their size. It's great to dress up a pug like Yoda because it's tiny and it already kind of looks like Yoda, but with mastiffs you have to step up the game. Their size brings all kinds of opportunities to light. You wouldn't waste a Yoda costume on a mastiff. You have to think bigger.

You can dress your mastiff like a little baby.

Or a rough and tough cowboy and his trusty mount.

Or a pretty fairy princess.

You are only limited by your imagination. And that is the beauty of Halloween.

And now I leave you with a dose of adorable. Mastiffs and babies! That's a good dog.


  1. HEYYYYYYYYYY! where have you been POD? missed your post buddy.

  2. Hi, please credit the owner and copyright owner of the photo of the 2 mastiffs dressed as a cowboy and horse.

    (c)Carrie Klaiber of Gatehouse Mastiffs (