Monday, May 18, 2009

The King of Pain

As my four or five loyal readers know, I have a very hairy back. Its not like I can help it or anything. Its just there. I didn't grow it out to be in style or anything. Get off my case.

In anticipation of my trip to the Bahamas, my sister offered to help me with my decidedly ethnic problem (damn Polish and Italian DNA!) and wax my back for me. As I type this, the young Princess of Dundalk is busy ripping the hairs from my body, follicle by follicle. 

This isn't my first time doing this. It hurts like hell, but after a little while you just get used to it. Last time it took my sister two and a half hours to get me nice and smooth (in addition to a half a can of wax), so this time out we decided to break it up over two sessions. Tonight is session #1 and after about a 45 minutes a good chunk is clean. I'm told we're about a third of the way done at this writing.

Something like this takes a lot of planning. Kendra had to order extra wax this time out as well as cut a ton of muslin strips. Additionally, there had to be a preliminary trim in the shower with my hair clippers.

This is still a work in progress, so I'll be sure to let you see the finished product. I'm sure my friends will appreciate it when they see me struttin' my big ass on the beach in a few days. In closing, here is the first strip ripped from my back. That's not even close to being the hairiest of the bunch.

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