Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Very Special Award

This evening fortune smiled upon me and my companion for the evening, Xani of Black Coffee and a Donut fame. While at a local watering hole, we bore witness to one of the most genuinely moving gestures of love that these tired old eyes have ever seen.

So without further delay, I present the award for the "Lamest Couple in the Bar" to the newlyweds at the Sly Fox on Fort Ave this evening!

After joining her husband at the bar from some other event or wherever the hell she was, the wife decided it would be a good idea to sit on his lap on a bar stool, while there were plenty of other seats available. This made for one of the most uncomfortable-looking PDAs that I have ever seen and really kind of got on my nerves. Which is pretty rare because I absolutely love rom-coms and all the saccharine bullshit that comes along with them.

Anyway, nice job jackasses. If I had had the trophy on me I would have held a small ceremony and reception. Instead they must toil in anonymity.


  1. It is tragic that they'll never know what douchebags they really are

  2. I guess its too much to hope that they are loyal readers.