Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Intervention Intervention

I figure in this new feature I will post videos that I have seen on other blogs. I don't care if its derivative. This shit is good.

In this selection, I present something featuring Fred Armisen, one of the more underrated guys on Saturday Night Live. I think he's funny as hell, but it might be because his comedy is a little bit odd and takes some getting used to. I like that kind of crap.

Anywho, this video is fun because I think we may have all been there. I could talk for hours about Intervention. In fact, I have before with baby sis.


PS Who else knew he was engaged to Peggy from Mad Men? Also, is that really his sister?


  1. I love your newly perfected Intervention impression. You may need to do that this weekend.

  2. I never really perfected it. I kind of just did it. I think I'm a natural like Rich Little and shit.