Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Man Who Made All of This Possible

Today I pay tribute to the man who contributed genetic material so that I could issue forth into the world. I'm referring of course to Robert the First, King of Dundalk. I'll save the tales of how my father wooed the fair Deborah of Pembrooke with his guitar and beautiful falsetto voice for another time.

Below are some shots of His Majesty's time in the premier Top 40 band in Baltimore. I am of course referring to the incomparable GAZZE!

If you are Jewish (or friends with some Jewish people) and are from Maryland, then chances are he played at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah that you attended. If not, then you had some lame-ass friends.

I can't imagine any of you happened to see them at any of their EPIC Heritage Fair performances. Sadly that is your loss. Until I can figure out how to steal video from Facebook (or I just ask to have the videos e-mailed to me), you'll have to make due with these photos.

Dad is on the far left of the photo. He's the one who doesn't look cool enough to be in the band. I think this is the tuxedo he wore to the hospital on the night my little sister was born.

Again Dad is on the left. I think this was considered casual wear in the late '70s. He had to draw the moustache on because he doesn't grow his very thick. Its kind of molestery. My godfather is the man on the far right with the eye patch.

Here we see one of the band's classy photo shoots. Its promotional materials like this that got Jewish parents to hire them and helped pay for my braces and our trips to Disney World. In this photo, Dad (on the far right sans glasses) is wearing more make-up than usual.


  1. I just went to Gazze's website and I recognized the two singers--they played a wedding I went to last year... I can't believe I saw Gazze and didn't realize it... must be because your dad retired, had he played I would have heard the magic.

  2. Oh totally. When my dad was with them Gazze was an "Explosion of Sound." Now they're "the Fun Band." Big difference if you ask me.

  3. One of my friend's (whose name rhymes with Disty) likes to say, "An EXPLOSSSSSIOOONNNN of sound" all while making a crude gesture.

  4. You mean like a jerking-off gesture?

    PS Tell her is she don't know about Gazze her ass better call somebody.