Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just Got Back from Macca's Concert...

... and it was off the hook! I'm not one to really gush about many things, but I will gush about this concert. It has taken over the top spot as the greatest live show I have ever seen. The previous #1 was the last Paul McCartney show I saw.

The man is a machine. He played for nearly three hours and never once took a drink of water that we could see. He can also still wail for a 67 year old man. I think its the vegetarian lifestyle. He played all of the favorites including Beatles classics like "Blackbird," "Get Back," "Eleanor Rigby," and more as well as Wings hits like "Jet," "Let Me Roll It," "Band on the Run" and tons more.

He closed the show out with an awesome version of "Live and Let Die" complete with a shitload of fireworks and then went into "Hey Jude." Sir Paul didn't stop there and did two encores ending the whole shebang with the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise/The End" medley, which is really the only way he should ever end a show.

I was even singing along at times, which I always swore I'd never do. I guess I got caught up in this stuff. I was listening to The Beatles when I was in diapers so its near and dear to my heart.

Another highlight of the show was having my dad guess which songs Paul was going to do before he did them. He nailed some really good ones. When Paul went to the piano at one point he blurted out "Lady Madonna," which I thought came out of left field, but was on the money.

All in all, we had an amazing time. If you have the means, check this man out while he is still touring. He is a master showman, as well as a bit of a ham, which is really very endearing.

If you don't have the means, you should try and nab yourself a rich daddy like my sister and I did. He was happy to shell out $250 a seat just to have someone to go with. Truth be told, I would have dropped the money myself if he hadn't insisted. Paul McCartney is on the short list of men I would stand in line to meet. The other member of this exclusive club is Bill Murray.

Also, if I didn't know better, I would say that I watched the show right behind Internet porn sensation Wifey!

But never fear faithful readers! This is pornography we're talking about and I do know better! It definitely wasn't her. My version didn't have the bust and the dude she was with was not the "husband" I've seen her do on the Internet. It could have been her stuck-up sister though.

In summation: Sir Paul = awesome, Lady at concert not = Wifey the porn queen.


Here is the set list courtesy of some dude at the Sun.

1. Drive My Car

2. Jet

3. Only Mama Knows

4. Flaming Pie

5. Got to Get You Into My Life
6. Let Me Roll It

7. Foxy Lady (instrumental jam)

8. Highway
9. The Long and Winding Road

10. My Love
11. Blackbird

12. Here Today

13. Dance Tonight

14. Calico Skies

15. Michelle

16. Mrs. Vandebilt

17. Eleanor Rigby

18. Sing the Changes

19. Band On the Run

20. Back in the U.S.S.R.

21. I'm Down

22. Something

23. I've Got a Feeling
24. Paperback Writer

25. A Day in the Life

26. Let It Be

27. Live And Let Die

28. Hey Jude

1st Encore
Day Tripper 

Lady Madonna

I Saw Her Standing There

2nd Encore

Helter Skelter

Get Back

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)

The End


  1. Dead on-- the woman in front of us really did look like her. More like a pre-school teacher version, but her, nonetheless. I'm glad her amazon boyfriend kept it seated. He was so tall he blocked the jumbotron from my view.

  2. Where is the nickname Macca from?I get it-- it's like his last name but am I missing something? I leaned over and asked you during the concert-- some guy had a sign, "this is my 56th macca show."

    You were singing like a goon. I looked over at one point and you were smiling and making this gheeeeeeee face. I thought you were doing it to be a jerk, but then I realized you were for real so I left you alone. I'm so considerate.

  3. Macca is just some British stuff. I have no idea where they get it from.

    I was singing like a tool. I think you were just jealous that you didn't know any of the words.

  4. Whatever. I was too busy rubbing my boobs into the back of Twenty Footer's head to worry about singing along.

  5. I just had a discussion with my boss. I asked her if she saw Jesus when he sang "Live and Let Die."