Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Pet Peeves: Watches Without Bandkeepers

This one really drives me nuts and there isn't much of a good reason for it. I'm referring to the little things on watches that you slide over the excess band to keep it from flapping around.

It makes me crazy when I see someone without it engaged on their watch. I understand that sometimes it can't be helped. Occasionally these things will break. But to me that is no excuse. I've been wearing the same watch for over five years and when my keeper ripped I promptly ordered a new band online. The watch was still good. In the interim, I used one of my sister's hair bands to hold it in place.

For some odd reason, I was afraid my watch would somehow come loose and fall off without the keeper in place. I still have nightmares about it.

Now for the visual aids:

Correct use of a watchband keeper.

Incorrect use! Gross! (Please note that I simply moved my keeper along the watchband until it was out of the shot. I do not and will not ever own a watch that has no keeper on it. Unless the watch has a metal bracelet to it. Those are different.)

This little post is probably painting me in a very negative light. But really its important for you to know. I'm very weird. I always have been. If you don't know this yet its because I hide it so well.

Beneath this ultra-cool exterior is an odd, anal-retentive geek who like his watch securely fastened and his comics bagged and boarded. That probably isn't all that surprising really.


  1. I hate it when professional football players leave two of their chin straps undone, the two that connect to the rear of the helmet

  2. You did collect trash as a child.....

  3. You know what is even worse? When one of the straps that connects the strap to the top of the helmet comes undone and the dude doesn't even know it!

    Also, I did collect trash and some carpet lint as a child. I was "intense."