Friday, August 7, 2009

My Pet Peeves: Walking with People You Don't Know

So this is one that really pisses me off. I get totally bent out of shape when it happens because it is so damn awkward.

What I'm referring to is when you are walking towards something (probably a door) when someone else takes a similar path to the same place and you end up walking shoulder to shoulder with someone.

You might not always be close, but it is clearly obvious that you are going to the same place and you are walking about even with one another. What the hell do you do? Its infuriating to me.

The reason I'm so passionate about this is because it happened to me the other day. I was walking from my car into REI when a woman from a car parked closer to the store started to leave her car and make her way to the door. She was moving slow enough that we were on a total intercept course. I saw the whole thing play out in my head and I knew it would be weird and terrible like usual, and then the tiny little pit of annoyance began to grow in my stomach.

But here is where my genius becomes apparent. I muttered "Oh man, my wallet!" loud enough to be heard, made a frustrated turn back towards my car and then went an opened the door. I totally had my wallet so I just stuck my head in the car and pretended to be looking for something. Then I grabbed a piece of gum and after checking that no one else was walking towards the store proceeded inside and made my purchases.

The funny thing is, if the person is a little in front or a little in back of you then its not that bad. In that instance you usually have the polite small talk when you hold the door or the door is held for you. Its just that one-in-a-million shot when they are traveling on a parallel course that unnerves me.

Is it just me? Am I weirder than I thought? Has this even happened to any of you guys before?

Anyway, it totally bothers me and is now immortalized on my blog.

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  1. I hate it when people hold doors for me when I am still really far away from the door... it's totally awkward and forces you to do that dumbass little half-run shuffle thing and then you have to thank them profusely for being so benevolent.