Monday, July 19, 2010

Postcards from the Land of the Rising Sun: Chimp Baseball

So where to begin? First off, it was very nice of that farmer to teach the chimpanzee how to play baseball, even if he isn't very good. The important thing is that he tries really hard. Extra points given for using the Charlie Sheen version of "Wild Thing" from the Major League movies.

But if I'm being honest, the chimp throws like a girl and sucks at fielding ground balls. Was anyone else nervous when they gave the bat to the little guy? I had visions of 2001 in my head and I started to worry about the kind farmer/coach. I guess it was unfounded since the chimp is clearly quite attached to him and figured out the mechanics of batting pretty quickly. He's like a regular Pedro Cerrano.

What I don't understand is the format of the TV show. Are these people contestants or something? Are just supposed to enjoy their reactions to the chimp playing ball? I feel that if you plan on taping people's reactions then you should maybe have something fun or shocking. This really didn't fit the bill. Do these people know they are being filmed?

Anyway, back to the minors with you, little fella!


  1. How long till he rips off that guys face?

  2. That guy is still better than anyone on the Os......ohhhhh monkey burn