Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So this beautiful ditty by Leoncie was just pointed out to me today and I have to say that any song with the chorus "Cheap Sex!" is OK in my book.

This music video also features the line “You’re just a lousy cop and not some great detective/ you pick up all those sluts from the street and screw them in secret.” Man. That science is too tight.

Apparently Leoncie gets a lot of grief from people for her music so she added a manifesto to her YouTube page. She writes: "Her success is solely due to the fact that she has worked extremely hard, and professionally at everything she does,despite inteference from Warblers,Pagans,Pirates,Racists, Hypocrites,haters,always drowning in a Hate Filled Existence with their False, Malicious, Unfounded Lies,Fantasies,Hallucinations on the Web."

Preach, sister! That's exactly why my album An Evening of Princely Virtues failed to chart! It was the damn pagans and warblers. Anyway, I'm sending this one out to you Leoncie. I think you know what I'm talking about.

Also, is Leoncie a tranny? I can't tell.


  1. not sure if she's a tranny but her weight has seen some ups and downs. you like the fuller leoncie or the trim leoncie better?

  2. I always like a little meat on the bones.