Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still Not Impressed with DC Street Musicians

 I wish this guy was playing outside the Metro!

When last I left you, I was being assaulted on the streets by a trumpet player's stirring rendition of The Flintstones theme. Since then I have heard a ton of crappy street musicians, but today's really took the cake.

Lately, there has been a man with an electric blue violin that sets up shop by my Metro station. Now you'd think he would range more towards classical fare but you would be wrong. Totally and completely wrong. This guy keeps it live for the modern audience and plays a bunch of contemporary hits. 

Just a few weeks back, some co-workers got excited because they thought the guy was recreating the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Big Poppa" on the street corner, but were dismayed to find it was just our buddy playing the fiddle over a CD.

Today was something special though. As I came up the super fucking long escalator today, I could hear our friend playing what sounded like Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" which featured prominently on 1994's Batman Forever soundtrack. I also heard a strange tinkling instrument playing along to the beat. 

Did someone actually wheel a harpsichord to the Metro stop to sit in and help fill out the group's sound today? Of course not. It was the violin player's lady banging away on a triangle like it was time for dinner on a dude ranch. She was just sort of playing along to the tune of the Seal classic, which I guess requires some musical ability. She was clearly the Linda McCartney to the violin player's Sir Paul. Color me disappointed.

But if that's your thing, you are in luck! The duo, which is cleverly named Trinity, have apparently put out a CD. I didn't want to buy it because I was worried that I might encourage their behavior, but sometimes it's best to not be a dick for five minutes and enjoy the fruits of someone's labor.

I guess if all the licensing issues are worked out, the album might not be all that bad. It can't be any worse than 50 Tyson's new joint, which I am still waiting on.


  1. Maybe we could get your Dad a gig. Don't expect me to help out!

  2. I don't think the King is content to beg for change. I would be willing to bang on the triangle alongside him as long as a portion of the earnings goes towards Krispy Kreme, which is right there on the corner.