Thursday, September 23, 2010

Princess Kendra's Dream Theatre: Pay It Forward... Only Weirder

My sister is at it again. As yet, we have received no free psychological advice for what I can only assume is her untreated, crippling mental ailment. I'm sure the docs that read this are just in the process of formulating a plan of attack for my sister's care. I hope so at least.

In this installment, Kendra starts off meeting with some close friends, but in the end turns it all into a social experiment that may have philosophers, anthropologists and greeting card companies talking for years. I smell a Haley Joel Osment vehicle!

Take it away, sis!

I'm supposed to meet [Chr]isty and [M]annah for dinner and one of my friends was having issues with in-laws or whatever, so my subconcious concoted this wack a doodle dream.

In my dream, [Chr]isty and [Br]ick were so frazzled about family issues or something like that and she handed me a greeting card. I remember there were all these phrases written in neon font. One was, "I went to dinner at McDonald's last night" and another was "I've spent 83 minutes total waxing my mustache in life." I don't know what the F that means, but I guess it was lil life experiences people were sharing. Point of the card was they were so frazzled, they decided to give money to someone to "pay it forward." They thought it would make them feel better about the stress in their life. So in my card was a wad of cash for $150.

Can we for realz make that happen? People get stressed and they give you money to make themselves feel better.

You heard the lady! Get on this people! She may just save all our souls.


  1. I don't know about [Br]ick, but I highly doubt that [Chr]isty would ever do something like that. Seems like [Br]ick would have a lot of explaining to do.

  2. I don't really see anyone doing something like this. Maybe the old and rich.

    I hope Hallmark hasn't taken that line of greeting cards into production yet. It is ill-advised to say the least.