Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bubbles on the Beach

This is a video that I wanted to share with you guys for no other reason than it made me smile.

I think it was tons of fun to play with bubbles as a little kid. It's such a simple pleasure and yet it can bring hours of entertainment, provided you let an adult do the bubble blowing. Kids always want to blow the bubbles but they can't seem to do it right. Then they end up wasting all the bubble juice. Way to go. Now no one can have any fun.

This video is evidence of my assertion. The kids back off and let grandpa do his thing and everyone on the beach is better for it. This guy is creating art! Those bubbles look like giant space jellyfish. It's especially cool when they pop and the bubble disincorporates from one end to the other.

Why is it kids always feel the need to pop bubbles anyway? It's far more gratifying to let them run their course.

I think it would be pretty cool to be the kind, older gentleman hanging out on the beach and doing this for the kids. It's a public service of sorts. Plus it's got to brighten his day to see the kids excited about something he's doing. I can also think of worse things to do than hang out on Northern California beaches all day.

It's not a bad retirement plan. Maybe I could fly kites or something? Whatever is the least creepy, I guess.


  1. That's some of the best disincorporation that I've seen lately...

  2. I know right? I wowed you with hands-on science and vocabulary.

  3. those dudes were all over NYC this past week...