Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: The Rent is Too Damn High Party

So this really happened. Way to go New York. You really reach for the stars when it comes to politicians.

I think the best part about the election cycle is the nutjobs. Jimmy McMillan clearly falls into that category. First of all, it takes balls to pull off a beard like that. That's not open for debate. Second, he accessorized with black gloves. Also very ballsy.

As for his political platform, you really can't argue with him. The rent is too damn high. If you don't know that then you need to listen like he does. If you do you might hear that child's belly rumbling too. People can't afford to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. I guess they just have to fill up for the day at brunch.

I'm also pretty excited at the prospect of "karate expert" becoming a legitimate qualification for public office. i don't understand why that wouldn't be a top trait we look for in a civic leader. I am also enamored with his political debate tool of muttering your talking points while it's someone else's turn to speak. It seemed to work. He got the crowd on his side for a bit.

Finally, McMillan looks like this guy from The Neverending Story.

I think New Yorkers should demand to inspect his head and see if there is a weird ridge up there. He could be the advance party of a full-scale invasion by the people of Fantasia. If they bring Gmork and the Nothing, we don't stand a chance.


  1. We need Bastian to save this race!

  2. If he were to swoop in on Falkor the Luck Dragon this election day I would write him in on the ballot as Earth Emperor for life.