Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24 Reunites Me with Lost Love

So 24 is back on the air and with it has come Annie Wersching, like a cool breeze on a hot, sexy summer night. Annie, as I like to call her, plays Renee Walker an FBI agent who crossed paths with Jack Bauer last year and maybe didn't come away from that meeting in the best frame of mind. More on that later.

Annie is notable for being one of the current crop of redheads I can't stop thinking about (along with Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and Amy Adams, who I just adore). She has beautiful, sparking eyes and is athletic, yet a little curvy. As an added bonus, she was also into Irish dancing as a young girl. Isn't that a quirky hobby? How adorable.

As you can imagine, I was happy when Annie showed up on Monday night to help the hardworking folks at CTU infiltrate a Russian organized crime ring. But wait! This Renee Walker seemed a bit different, a bit darker than the Girl Scout we saw last season.
It seemed that when Renee gazed into the abyss with Jack last season, the abyss gazed into her. Now she's a total bad ass, which got my blood boiling.

When an old associate of hers from her undercover days was proving to be no help because of a monitoring bracelet she did what any good psychotic would do and cut off his thumb with a power saw! Now he can come and help, while the bracelet stays behind. It’s just common sense really.

With that excersise in economy, Annie Wersching won an eternal spot in my heart and I spent the night dreaming of gorgeous, terrible women with a thirst for blood.

I can't wait to see what she does next.


  1. Its only like three gingers. Most of them are creepy.

  2. she is cute, remember when she a gun to a baby's head last season. ryde or die chick fho sho. .....i would GTL for her. GYM, TAN & LAUNDRY

  3. I've never understood why they're called Gingers... ain't nothing red or orange about ginger root... is there something obvious that I'm missing?--is this another "bally"ball moment for me??

  4. Renee Walker gets 5 fist pumps out of 5. She is hard as nails. It would have been nuts if she shot the baby. I'm not sure prime time is ready for that kind of badassery.

    I think the "ginger" term is British. They always come out with some wacky shit.