Friday, November 5, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Henry Rollins vs. the Hipsters

This is awesome. I love how Henry Rollins deconstructs these kids. In his defense, those people were trying to be cute for the TV cameras. I guess they are pissed that some sell-out came to their spot. Now it's going to get blown up.

Henry might have overreacted though. The man was clearly on edge as soon as he walked in the joint. He kept talking about how he was the old sell-out and they were the hip, elitists. It's like he was itching for a conflict. Either way, it's awesome if you enjoy awkward social interations. And I certainly do.

I don't think you can question Henry Rollins' cred. The man was in Black Flag. Good enough for me. If I saw him in public I would probably say something remarkably stupid like "Henry Rollins! TV Party, man! Rock on!" And I would have been OK with that.

I almost feel like Henry is ashamed of himself or something. It's like an inner battle with his old, punk self and he needs to over-compensate. I guess it would be one thing to do that if you were by yourself, but he brought the camera crew along to rip into the chick.

I like how tired he looks when the guy gives him his band's record too. This video was hilarious. I like Henry Rollins but he kind of reminded me of a crotchety, old man yelling at kids for stepping on his lawn.


  1. Yeah, I don't even see what set him off.... all the girl did was get excited that he was in the store and when she yells the name of that book he charges her like she kicked his damn puppy...

  2. It's so funny watching him whine about how he's the bourgeois and they're the elitist pricks. I think he's gotten shit from people like this before.