Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He. Could. Go. All. The. Way!

So this video makes the blog because I love it when teams use trickery to pull a fast one on an unsuspecting opponent. Stuff like this reminds me of all the kids' sports movies I watched when I was younger like The Bad News Bears, The Sandlot or the always awesome Little Giants.

There is something inherently exciting about using a trick play like this as opposed to a simple, well-rehearsed low-risk play. That's why pro teams always win the crowd over when they run reverses or flea flickers. It reminds us all of playing with our buddies after school.

This play is particularly terrific because it completely catches the other team napping. I know they are kids, but the coaches on sideline should have been yelling. I love watching the kid casually walk through the D-line like he has a question. It's like watching Peyton Manning run a bootleg.

It would have been awesome if he was able to walk all the way to the end zone. I will giuve credit where credit is due, #19 had some wheels. He's also the only one that recognized what was going on. Even the deep safety was just standing there watching while #19 was trying to pull him down. Nice job, guy.

Pizza and milkshakes are for winners, but I still hope #19 got some after the game.


  1. I was just listening to sports talk radio (I'm both a sensitive artist and a cool jock) and they discussed this just moments ago... apparently, the tricky team's coach was yelling to his team (all part of the trick) "we get 5 more yards, we get 5 more!" And so that's why it looks like the QB is counting out his steps before he starts trucking.... Don't get me wrong, I love this play, but the involvement of the adult coach in the trick is a little unsettling...

  2. Well you had to know the kids didn't come up with this play themselves. That is a nasty little bit of chicanery though.

  3. Of course the tricky coach designed the play but the fact that he plays an integral part in the actual execution of the play (i.e., by yelling and confusing the opposing team) gives me pause.

    But, you're right, it is nasty and awesome and I love it.