Friday, November 19, 2010


MTV decides to remake Teen Wolf as a TV series and this is what we get? I am incensed right now. This is basically Twilight with a werewolf kid in it. I'm praying that the rights weren't sold so they could create this.

PS Boy gets bitten by werewolf, must come to grips with animal inside is really overdone. Granted, that was the conceit in the original Teen Wolf, but they pulled it off with a little more style. In the end, Scott Howard realized he didn't need the wolf. He learned to be happy in his own skin.

This show doesn't seem to have a lot going for it but there are clearly some glaring omissions. Where is Styles? Where is Boof? I loved Boof and that girl in the trailer is no Boof. Where is the understanding Dad who is also a fluffy werewolf? Also, why does this kid just grow fangs and sideburns when he turns into a werewolf? That is the lamest transformation ever. I would much rather see the Michael J. Fox (or Jason Bateman) long-hair-all-over look.

If this kid doesn't wolf-out on the lacrosse field and become super-popular as a result then this show can't be saved. I'm willing to bet that the "Give me. A keg. Of beer." scene is nowhere near this remake. And I guarantee you there is no van surfing either. The kid is just going to spend all his time brooding for the camera.

Color me disappointed.


  1. I realize that the majority of readers do not care about werewolves as much as I do but I thought that you might be interested to know that this video set the stage for a weekend full of Teen Wolf fantasies played out in my head.

  2. I just didn't feel comfortable with you being the only one to comment on this post so this one is just here to keep you company, friend.