Monday, July 13, 2009

A Baltimore Summertime Classic: The Snowball!

If you are familiar with the Baltimore region than you may have experienced a tiny little maxim I have found to be true: if you drive long enough along any road in Baltimore you will find either a snowball or pit beef stand. Sometimes both.

I remember eating snowballs all the time as a kid. We would walk up the street from my grandparents house and get them on hot summer days. I used to get the usual flavors like orange or grape, but then I matured a little bit and stepped my game up. Then it was strictly Sky Blue and then the old classic, Egg Custard with marshmallow topping (seen above).

I think those are two quintessential snowball flavors and really say something about the man eating it. It speaks to a maturity beyond one's years.

True story: I was downy ohshun with some cousins one summer and being the fit young man I am, I was routinely asked to follow the little kids and chaperone them on their jaunts to get ice cream and candy and stuff. I obviously had no problem with this whatsoever. Anywho, we went to this new little snowball stand that was located in an old surf shop or something. The kids went in and ordered Spongebob and Darth Vader flavored snowballs and then I stepped up to the counter. I got the typical Egg Custard with marshmallow and the lady actually went "Well, you know your stuff." Instant respect.

Most of you probably don't know what that's like. I'm used to it by now. Its the only way to live really. But I digress.

There is a little place called The Ice Shack nearby that sells snowballs during the summer. For some reason we have been driving by that place for five freaking years. Last week, in need of comfort food, we stopped by and I ordered the usual. It was masterfully made with flavored ice, marshmallow along the sides and on top and then another dose of flavored ice. Rad.

Now I have a hard-on for this place. I just got back and am enjoying a Tangerine flavored snowball. Mom got a Blue Hawaiian, Sis a Banana and Dad a Spearmint. There are a ton of flavors so I will be busy for the rest of the summer. Plus you can mix them up. By my calculations that means that there are a shitload of combinations for me to try. I'm thinking I might go with a simple Lemon-Lime before I start going crazy. There are also Bahama Mama, Tiger's Blood (what?), Wedding Cake and Iced Tea flavors.

If anyone is in my neck of the woods or kickin' it with me, remind me about this place and we can hook that up. Its good stuff and maybe you can try out the classic Egg Custard if you haven't already.


  1. I'm getting a panic attack thinking about my next selection. The woman behind us thought I was special, she was laughing at me.

  2. You are a very special girl. You're deathly afraid of killer whales and you have panic attacks when presented with more than three options.

    You're going to make some lucky guy very happy some day.