Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Living Vicariously Through Zac Efron

I don't think I've ever been secretive about the fact that I kind of like Zac Efron. Now I have never seen the High School Musical films (which is odd considering how lame I am for stuff like that) but I have enjoyed the very few things of his I have seen. My real admiration for the guy stems from an interview of his that I read in Entertainment Weekly where he talked about how the HSMs were great and they gave him a start, but he really wanted to do some different things with his career.

That got me thinking about him. Its not his fault that he is known for those movies. If you were given an opportunity like that you take it. This kid is 21 and has more money than I'll ever see. Good for him. I don't care if he got it singing and dancing. Its honest work. So at this point I started rooting for him. I want the guy to break out and do well. He seems like a good shit.

Since I am the starting middle linebacker for Team Zac you can imagine my excitement when I read this:

Way to go man! I would love it if this clean-cut, good-looking Disney spawn got worked over by Megan Fox. She is a good-time girl and there is no way Vanessa Hudgens is getting the job done.

Plus, its better for everyone involved if she leaves Brian Austin Green behind. I mean, what the fuck? That never made any sense to me. Its like a crime against nature.

That's all I got. I'll let you go and process this all now. But I leave you with one thing: can you imagine how beautiful a child of theirs would be? It would be like Apollo coming to Earth Jesus-style.

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  1. Despite my love for Zac, I'm a little torn. I heard that Megan Fox and
    Shia LaBoeuf may have been dating too. I've had a much longer love affair with Shia that dates back to Even Stevens on the Disney Channel. He was great on that show.

    I'm not sure who to root for.