Thursday, July 30, 2009

History Channel's WWII in HD

As many of you know, I have a total boner for both World War II and the History Channel. I've always loved films, TV shows, documentaries and anything else that told the stories of the Greatest Generation. It was such a singular event in our nation's history and it basically defined who the American people were at the time. I don't think we'll see such a transformative event again. But I digress.

I think my favorite part of any WWII documentary is when the interview the grizzled old man talks about the insane shit he did during the war. Its awesome when someone's grandpa talks about how he slid a knife into a Nazi's neck or shoved a flame-thrower into a bunker and torched an SS unit.

You can imagine my excitement when I happened upon this little video. Apparently, the History Channel has found a shitload of footage and then restored it to its original color and in high definition. It features a load of celebrity voices playing the soldiers and looks like its going to make me cream my jeans.

You can bet I'll be watching this, and I imagine a few of you will check it out too.

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