Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Gambling Bunnies!

I guess I get the point of the ad. Its all very sweet and so would winning a million bucks, but this still seems a little bit misplaced. Plus that sign at the end really pisses me off. I'm all happy and cheerful and thinking about buying a bunny and then that guy starts talking to me about lottery tickets. Dick.

By the way, I hope someone at Cadbury's ad agency got fired for not thinking this one up. They really dropped the ball. That is the perfect ad for Creme Eggs. If I saw that in the spring time I would rush out and buy a box of them.

Now on to the important stuff. How fucking cute was that?! I liked when the little bunnies bumped with the bumper cars and also when the little bunny fell over.

I want to have the Bunny County Fair in my backyard every spring. I would provide carrots and lettuce and fresh water and whatever the little bunnies like to eat. Candy apples, I bet.

But wait there is more!

That made my day. It kind of pisses me off when they wake the puppies at the end.

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  1. Those really couldn't be more adorable. I loved the bunny one but then I loved the variety of the other one. How dare they wake the puppies?!?! They were baby corgis (aka the Kendra dog).

    The bunny one reminded me of my childhood watching the delightful Bunny Picnic movie. I didn't see a big girl in the shower though? They must have edited it out? No gloryhole shots?