Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Prince's Word of the Day: Pukka

Here is another crappy one from "Pukka" means "authentic, genuine" or "superior, first class." Its pronounced "puke-uh" and comes from Hindi and Sanskrit words so that explains the cultural misunderstanding.

My problem is this: you shouldn't say something is first rate using a word that has "puke" in it. Its wicked stupid.

"Man, you have a pukka new car!"

It sounds like your saying that his car is full of puke. Or maybe made of puke. Its not cool.

This word reminds me of "crapulous" in many ways. Its super-misleading and has a bodily function in it. And just like "crapulous" I have a new definition for the word, societal rules be damned. I think "pukka" should now mean anything that makes most people want to puke.

For example: "We went over to Greg's house and his cat had diarrhea. It was so pukka!"

Or: "Hey Jessica, you need to put that pukka diaper in the Diaper Genie immediately!"

I think we can all agree that my version is like infinity times better than that other useless definition. Now go forth and spread my gospel.


  1. Haha. Did you see the word, "titivate" recently? It means to "to make decorative additions to; spruce up, to make smart or spruce." I just wouldn't want to say that when I get ready to go out, I titivate myself first. It just sounds weird.

  2. It kind of sounds naughty. I think I like it.