Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Live in Philadelphia

So one of my most favorite things to do is get really self-righteous about things that really don't matter. Case in point. I was a fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when the show first came on the air and have been hooked ever since. I'm glad that the show is popular because it means that I'll get to see loads more episodes, but I get salty because there are all these fans now and I WAS THERE FIRST!

But I digress. A few weeks back I was privy to a very special live show of the popular "The Nightman Cometh" episode at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, (I'd hate to see Lower Darby! Rimshot!) Pennsylvania. Right near the show's setting in Philadelphia. For those not in the know (losers), it was the episode in which Charlie Kelly wrote a musical in a vain attempt to woo his obsession, the character known only as the Waitress (see the show's finale in the clip above).

In addition to the live performance, we were treated to a viewing of an episode set to air this season as well as a clip of A Very Sunny Christmas, which looks really goddam funny. I won't give too much away but you can look forward to Charlie mauling a mall Santa Claus. Also, while in Philly I got cheese steaks. Two of them.

The live show was very good. Most of the cast seemed to be trained in musical theater which made it that much better. The actual episode was lengthened a bit and more songs were added to the show, stretching it a bit.

The live performance can even be seen on the Season Four DVD collection for those interested. They're totally worth having.

Sorry there isn't much of a review. This post was mostly to rub everyone's nose in the fact that I saw the live performance and had cheese steaks from Jim's and Pat's.

Now on to the photos I stole from my friend's Facebook page!

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