Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can I Adopt Him?

Holy shit! This is the baddest little kid I have ever seen. All the other little turds are running around with no idea what they are doing while my man man Nyrell Sevilla is pursuing the play and getting ready to drop the hammer.

I've watched this video like 12 times and it just gets better. I like how jacked some of the dad's get when the other six-year-olds get laid out. I think the best thing you can do is just pray that he doesn't unload on your kid.

I'm still trying to decide if he is just a super-talented athlete or if he's got a lot of misplaced anger for a six-year-old. I figure it would take a little while longer for that sort of stuff to soak in and take effect. I think he might be pulling a Chris Spielman. That guy would sit in the locker room before NFL games and think about his family getting raped and murdered to jack himself up. Some people said it would get so bad that he would be crying when he took the field and then try to kill anyone that came near him.

Nyrell Sevilla even sounds like a bad ass linebacker. I bet he goes to USC and wears #55. He's got 12 years to go, but I bet coaches are already showing up at his door with xBoxes and hookers.

I'm seriously enamored with this kid. For all the dude readers: can you imagine if that was your son? How proud would you be? I would literally give him anything he wanted. And I would totally live vicariously through him. How can you not?

That six-year-old is more of a man than I am.


  1. Wow. That second hit almost looks like special effects.... hey, would that be a good nick name for him, Special FX? Probably not... too high-concept... and just not cool enough. Reminds of me of my lame smack talk to Brian Howard: "Well, shut up!"

  2. It is a little too high-concept and a bit too white. When he is a high school stud he'll have a nickname that will be super-cool. It'll be something we would have never dreamed of. I can't wait to see what it is.