Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Little Cup

This little video comes courtesy of my main doo-doo stain, Big Mike, the undisputed King of New York despite anything Christopher Walken or any East Coast rapper might say.

Like Hooters, this video is delightfully tacky and unrefined. It comes from Australia (shocker), which I think has taken the lead as the trailer park of the civilized world. I mean that in the nicest way possible. These people just don't seem to give a fuck and I love them for it.

If any other developed country held something like this it would have taken on that creepy pony-boy fetish vibe. In undeveloped countries it would be kind of depressing and probably hint at some form of civil rights abuse. In summation, I'm glad the Aussies did this and not, say, the Germans or Afghanis.

I really wish they "mounts" would have dressed up like horses AS PROMISED! What the hell, man? You don't tease with something like that and then cut to a dude in jorts. Also, the little jockeys should have had riding crops and used them liberally.

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