Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Just Got Back from Seeing Paranormal Activity...

... and am happy to report that The Prince is made of much sterner stuff than the clowns that the were shooting with the night-vision cameras for the TV commercials.

In fact, if they had filmed me with the night-vision cameras all they would have got was me craning my neck in some silly attempt to get a better glimpse of the lead actress's boobs. They would have also got some approving glances from me as well as one nose pick. Maybe. I was super-stealthy about it.

But I digress. I now have a little crush on Katie Featherston. I thought she was super-cute in the movie and there was a lot of scoop necks going on, which only added to my enjoyment. She kind of looks like Pam from The Office but with darker hair and more thickness. Strangely enough, if you asked me what I would do to Pam from The Office to make her hotter I would say "Make her hair darker and add on some thickness." So Katie is aces in my book. I hope we see more of her than we did of the chick from The Blair Witch Project. I don't think anyone really wanted to see more of her. She was a pain in the ass.

All in all, the movie was very cool. I dug the cinema verite approach and think the realistic presentation of a haunting did quite a bit towards making it scarier for the audiences. I don't, however, think that the movie will alter my psyche and give me nightmares like the poster suggested.

The scary parts were very well done. For the most part, the filmmakers were subtle and did not show things in the way that most horror films do. At no point do we see a giant demon running around the house. The most you get is shadows on the wall and it works nicely.

As an added perk, my name will now be featured on the DVD of Paranormal Activity because I was one of the dudes who demanded the movie be shown near me. Now my devotion will be immortalized.

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