Friday, December 18, 2009

My New Favorite Upcoming Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine

So what do you get when you combine a old-school ski movie, a retarded premise and a great cast of actors? Probably one of the best looking trailers I've seen since Black Dynamite popped up. I am kind of stoked for this movie.

Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson are always funny, and I really liked the kid Clark Duke in the surprisingly good Sex Drive. John Cusack is John Cusack, but he seems like the only question mark. Its like he's slumming or something. Or maybe the script was just that good! That's what I'm hoping for so that's what I'm going to tell people.

In any event, the movie blends a lot of rad elements and has me flashing back to Dean Cameron's hilarious turn as Dave Marshak in 1991's Ski School. You've got skiing, excessive partying, sex and dudes just being dudes. Hopefully we will get some full-frontal nudity too.

Looks like a recipe for success!

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