Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snooki Gets Rocked

As if you needed another reason to watch MTV's delicious Jersey Shore here is some more incentive. If you watch the show you get to see this little scene play out in its full context. Now I am certainly not saying that I condone violence, especially against women, by posting this video. Although I will admit that I understand the desire to want to hit this girl.

I read online that the doucher doing the punching is some guy named Brad Ferro. This dildo apparently punched her after he stole her drink. Nice.

Maybe this video will help to explain why my family vacationed exactly one time on the Jersey Shore.

1 comment:

  1. They had a segment about them today on The Today Show. All the Ital-Amer's are up in arms. They were like, "First we're gansters with The Sopranos, now we are guido buffoons with the Jersey Shore."

    They were totally mocking them. They really honed in on Pauly D with the gel products, the tanning, the chains, and the ridiculous blow out. Goddamn benny's.