Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So This is Good News...

The Internets are abuzz with hot news out of Hollywood! Apparently, everyone's favorite guidette, Snooki, lost her receptionist's job after her trip west to appear on Conan O'Brien's show with The Situation. So, like every other MTV reality star, she has decided to go the public appearance route and can be hired out for bars, car dealerships, birthday parties, etc. for the pittance of $2,000 an hour!

I think this would be an excellent birthday party surprise. Can you imagine having Snooki jump out of your cake? That would be awesome as long as she didn't get any self-tanner on it. Hopefully she'll do one of those sweet cartwheels and flash her camel toe to the entire party. That would rank as a pretty excellent birthday party.

As for how long you would want her for, I think an hour is probably perfect. Any more and you probably get bored with her. Or more accurately, annoyed. This is probably one of those situations where the reality is way less than what you have created in your mind. I bet she shows up acting like hot shit and sits in a corner drinking all your Grey Goose. Its not like she has a floor show planned or anything.

Still, it might be fun. I would probably pay twice as much for The Situation. It would be worth it to watch him hit on all my lady friends.


  1. Done and done. Greg and I have our birthdays up too so I think we should pass the hat to all our friends...if they loved us they would get us Snooki and the Situation. I would love to battle them house music style.

  2. I can see you pounding out that beat on the floor. I guess I should get you a gift card to Buckle in the mall for your birthday.

  3. for the loyal readers of my boy's blog, please check out BUCKLE best clothing store in the EAST COAST...or at least columbia mall.

  4. You can't look your best at a UFC pay-per-view party without hitting up Buckle first!