Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Taking the Cat for a Walk

Because you demanded it, more stolen videos from other web sites!

In today's exciting entry, we see just another amazing reason why dog's are better than cats. Have you ever seen a dog turn down a walk? Of course not.

My aunt's dog Raider (possibly the prettiest German Shephard ever) gets a boner when I grab his leash. This can be uncomfortable at times because he then tries to jump up on me and get the leash, potentially touching me with his Red Rocket. Despite that, I appreciate the enthusiasm. He's all-in and it shows.

But this damn cat can't even be bothered to get off his ass. Its kind of like the jelly-leg thing kids do when they don't want to stand up. What a pain in the ass.

I will say this in the cat's defense: he look's like he feels betrayed. But my sympathy only goes so far.


  1. Lucy can stalk and kill mice, though... I doubt Radar could do that... ok, I guess he could kill me, though.

  2. Raider is a total pussy. The most hardcore he gets is when he licks my aunt's leather couch and won't make eye contact because he know's he's not supposed to do it.