Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon, Snowpacalypse, Whatever

This photo came in a mass e-mail with the title "Too much winter." Amen, brother.

I probably like snow more than the next person, but this shit has to stop. Its the pits, man. I'm getting cabin fever and every time I try to assuage that and go out I spend two hours traveling two miles from my house.

The roads suck and they will suck even worse after this next snow event, which a friend of mine dubbed "Snowgnarok."

The other day the good people on WBAL's news team came at me with the very good tip of not using my outdoor grill inside the house for various reasons including, but not limited to, 1) you could burn the fucking house down, 2) you could poison yourself with the fumes.

"Thanks for the hot tip," I thought to myself. Then they laid the whopper on me. That tip was inspired by the fact that several adults and a few children were hospitalized over the weekend when they decided to grill up some dogs in the house. Good work, gang. This is natural selection at work right before our eyes in good old Baltimore.

But I digress, despite all of the BS associated with the snowstorm, I have managed to have some fun. One of my favorite things to do during a snow storm is to just stand outside while the snow falls. I love the quiet that accompanies a snowfall and have been moved to tears by the crystalline tinkling of the snow as it reaches the ground. Its the poet in me. I can't help it.

On the flipside, I used the thick layer of snow to turn the stairs on my parents' second story deck into a sweet sliding board this afternoon. I went down on my butt and got snow everywhere when I hit the bottom, including my ass crack, which made me scream a tiny bit. Then I jumped up and tried to get the snow out of my pants, which was super-sexy.

Hopefully, I will have more blog material for you guys since I will probably be locked indoors for the foreseeable future. The only problem is it will all be about my LOTR marathon and what food stuffs I have managed to scrounge in the kitchen. Enjoy!

My father, the King, shovels the driveway during the first Snowpacalypse. For perspective: my father is 15 feet tall and the vehicle at the top of the driveway is a school bus.


  1. LOTR marathon?! so jealous. Hope you were able to find some good eats to enjoy. taters, of course.

  2. Great minds think alike... Jes and I are about to start Twin Towers right now!

  3. Are you kidding me? Its The Two Towers. Tear up your geek card right now!

  4. FUCK!!!!!! I actually tried to post that comment earlier but it didn't go through and I was relieved because originally I just wrote "the second one" and thought you would give me shit for not knowing the real title... oh well... maybe I was just taradiddlin your ass...

  5. well Steph and I are about to start "Twin Towers" or Jon Kate Fucks 8