Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Coolest Bathroom Graffiti Ever

EDIT: Photo now more badass thanks to my homey, Greg.

So last night, some friends and I celebrated the 30th birthday of Hot Mess Hannah at a local Baltimore bar, Frazier's on the Avenue. In addition to watching the Olympic games with a heavy metal soundtrack, I got to talk comics with a knowledgeable geek and had a bunch of whiskeys, which contributed to the intense headache I woke up with this morning. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

But I digress. In the men's room of this bar was (as the title of this post suggests) the coolest piece bathroom graffiti ever! If you can't make out the image above, I will explain it. On the wall in the restroom, someone decided to draw the Wu Tang Clan "W" (see below) with the words "All Day" inside of it.

Whaaaaaaaat? That is some bad shit. I think I actually even said both of those things while I was pissing. I think we call all agree that Wu Tang All Day is something that we would all be a little better for having.

So obviously I had to take that crappy picture with my camera phone. The whole time I was lining up the shot I was terrified someone would open the door (the lock sucked) and I would totally drop my phone into the toilet. The weird little bathroom even had another door right behind where you would stand to do your business so there was also the threat of some unknown person coming through that door off the street and pushing me into the toilet. The bathroom was wrought with peril.

It was also wrought with awesome bathroom graffiti. Another highlight was the battle between assholes on the door of the bathroom. Someone wrote that Jesus was a zombie because he rose from the dead. Then someone got mad and wrote that that person was an asshole and ate pussy. Then someone (presumably the original writer) said that Jesus ate pussy. It all kind of went downhill from there with a bunch of tangential insults and one guy claiming that pussy tasted like shit. It was crazy as hell.

In conclusion, this bar was pretty kick ass and I hope to make it back there at some point in the not too distant future. I will definitely bring a marker so I can tag that bathroom wall myself. Maybe I'll even touch up that Wu tag for posterity.


  1. That's totally awesome... I photoshopped it a little so you can read it better... I'll email it to you...

    PS-did we steal Ray Lewis' tiger last night, or what?

  2. Thanks, Greg! That is much better. I think I tried to get you to come and take a look at it at one point during the night. Who the hell knows though?

    I don't think Ray Ray's tiger was stolen but you did fight hard for a game of Apples to Apples.

    We should have gotten cheesesteaks afterwards.

  3. Here's a new development for all you comment trollers!

    We're going to incorporate that symbol into the tattoo for our street gang. You can join if you can pass the initiation. Its a triple-kiss with Greg and me.

  4. i am already in right??? unless that triple-kiss in fergully was just a cruel tease.