Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Prince's Word of the Day: Aubade

This is what popped up during a Google image search of "glorious dawn"

So after some technical difficulties concerning e-mails, spam, science and incredibly complex algorhythmns, I am again receiving my Word of the Day e-mail from Thank God.

Today's word fell under my WTF? category. I understandwhat it means and everything, I just don't see why it needs a special word. It reminds me of previous Word of the Day, Lucubration.

Aubade means "A song or poem greeting the dawn; also a composition suggestive of morning." More fancy words! One of the definition's examples spoke about a man who was still awake when "the birds began to warble their aubade." That sounds like the kind of sentence you would read on Slate.

The good news is that this word got me thinking about the beautiful dawn hours and how when I normally see them its through the windshield of my car on the highway. Under the right circumstances viewing ther dawning of a new day can be quite moving. But I don't see myself composing a sonnet or penning a few verses to a new song. That's something Enya or Sade would do, not me.

I guess I can't hate on the word too much though. "Good Day Sunshine" by The Beatles probably counts as an aubade and I kind of like that song. Also, doing Google image searches turned up some cool results like the awesome horse picture above and then this sweet one below.

This is what I think it would be like to live on Venus.

Also, doing an image search for "aubade" was a very pleasant surprise. Its also the name for a super-sexy line of lingerie, so I just got an eyeful of tremendous asses and boobies. The day is not a total loss.


  1. Did you get these images from Lorion's page?

  2. Dear Prince,

    you need to have a celestial portrait made of yourself...