Friday, February 5, 2010

Lindsay is a Hoarder!

I found this on a bigger, mo' better blog but really felt the need to post it.

Holy shit! Lindsay Lohan is a hoarder! Add that to the heap of other troubles she has. This is crazy, but not all that surprising. What's more surprising is seeing Niecy Nash out of her Reno Sheriff's department uniform. I didn't know she did stuff other than Reno 911.

But I digress. I really, really, really hope that A&E can get their act together and pull Lindsay onto their team for a Intervention/Hoarders combo platter. They could get the people into her house to clean all that shit out and when she has finally broken through the anxiety of throwing stuff away, they can open a big box and out can pop her family and friends. That would be a total shit show. At the very least you know every one in her family would participate just so they could be on TV. They should just intervene on the whole family and work all that shit out. They might need Ken, Candy and Jeff to pull this one off.

I think that show would get more viewers than the Super Bowl.

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