Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Genius Baby = Future English Major

This is a video of a kid reciting Tennyson is his Superman pajamas, which really is as incredible as it sounds.

I can imagine this guy was coached, but its still pretty impressive. I don't think I could memorize that poem, if I spent all week on it. I can tell you the heights and weights of most super-heroes, as well as quite a few professional football players (which I think is pretty impressive).

It's kind of nice to see the little guy take an interest in something that will ultimately better him. I can only hope that the little nerds that issue forth from my loins can be half as brainy as this kid. I'd love them just the same if they weren't though (I guess). I would prefer if they were to wear something other than Superman pajamas when they whip out the big brains to impress guests. If the kids won't wear tweed blazers, then at the very least Batman or Spider-Man pajamas. Those two are cooler than Superman. I think little nerd glasses would complete the look.

This is all wishful thinking though. I'm destined to raise little weird kids, just like my parents before me. There is no way around it. If I'm lucky, my kids will be able to recite dialogue from Crisis on Infinite Earths or Secret Invasion, and really that's all a dad could ask for.

But back to the little brainiac! I think this next video is even more adorable and impressive.


  1. I love this kid. I would be cheesing every time he did stuff like this.