Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Princess Kendra's Dream Theatre: Breaking & Entering and a Nice Korean Dinner

I'm smart enough to go with what works so here we go.
For this one, I sat on it a bit debating on whether or not to use it because of the names in it. Then I realized I can just change the damn names. This is my world. They're all just paying rent.

On with the show...

Maybe don't use this because there are people's names in it, but this ws pretty weird. Good news, no illigitimate kids-- just me breaking and entering and hanging out with a Korean family in their apartment.

So anyhoo-- I was in charge of this "prank." I apparently did it to [Dan Abbott] in high school and did it again. I would break into his house and leave a gift with a note saying, "Ha-- i'm sneaky, I broke into your house!"

I remember the house was a split level, in a ghetto area. He was hanging out with a bunch of black dudes on the back porch when I broke in. I don't really remember how I got in, but I left him a gift bag. Then later, I went in to be like, "Neckbone-- I broke in!" and he was crying and really upset that I broke into his house. Then I felt like a jerk and thought that I actually looked kinda crazy. I thought it was a prank, but here I am breaking into a guy's home I haven't seen in a good ten years or so. I remember talking to you about the severity of it all, because I was running through the alley ways of the ghetto dodging people. I was like, "I am so good- I broke in with them on the back porch and they had no clue."

Later I was jogging on a track. I was doing two miles and I think Uncle [D]utch was there. They wrapped up and I was all set to finish what I had started. I think I ran for like a half mile, and I noticed that it was getting tougher to finish my loop because I was tethered to a tree. It would tighten up around a certain point and I had to really book it to get around. Kinda like Hannibal. [Huh?] Somehow I befriended this Korean family and they were like, "Let's go! Time for dinner!" I remember thinking I wanted to finish running, but I love food, so I would rather eat. Next thing, I'm in the Korean family's apartment helping them prepare dinner. This woman had one of those pre-packaged Asian meals. It was going to whip into this lovely noodle dish, but I remember her going, "Oh no... I don't have egg noodles. They aren't in the package."

That's about it.

One thing we have learned is that it's never "it."

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