Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: "Go find yourself a spin cycle!"

This video totally made my day yesterday. When it gets going it just keeps on going. You can see the drying spin-cycling itself to machine death!

This led me to some odd questions. If the dryer had a consciousness, would it know that it was killing itself? Can it tell that something is wrong or does it just keep going, thinking that it is doing its job? If its doing the primary function it was built to do, is that not a fitting end for the machine?

Whoa. Go take a few tabs of the brown acid or some bong rips and then go back and read that again. I just blew your mind!

After I thought through all of that, I started to think about how cool it would be if you could talk to machines. You would never need to use the remote again. You could just ask the TV or cable box to tune into whatever channel you wanted and watch away. But if you did that, what would the remote have to say to you when you stop using it?

Did you just get chills? Your minds are totally blown and you're welcome.


  1. What movie is "Go find yourself a spin cycle from?" It's driving me crazy.... I can hear the actor's voice saying it.... I could google it but I'm getting sick of instant gratification...

    Unrelated peeve: I tried to post this but it didn't show up. The peeve is when you end up having both comments published and then you look like a pantywaist for re-writing the whole thing and it always turns out slightly different which makes you look desperate for trying so hard to recreate your supposedly off-the-cuff and witty comment... like the thing about instant gratification....

  2. The quote is from The Great Outdoors. I figured Kendra would pick up on that one.

    It does look dumb when comments are posted twice. I find you do that a lot. I try to delete them when I can and save you the embarassment.

  3. Annette Benning--- "hahahahhaha ROMAN." What a great movie. Colleen will have to tell you about the continuity issues in the editing. That movie is a mess. I always thought the tough local girl playing pool looked like Dawn.

  4. I was always really upset with the part right before John Candy throws up after eating the Old 96er. You can see Dan Ackroyd counting down to the vomit noise where they all run out of the bathroom.

    For shame Hollywood!