Friday, September 18, 2009

Dundalk is Flooded!

Its been a rough year for the kingdom I rule in exile. First we had tornadoes and now this. As you may (or may not) have heard, there was a massive water main break in Dundalk this evening. A 6-foot pipe opened up gushing water for quite some time before one of the quick-thinking civil servants turned off the damn spigot.

The place is a mess, but it looks like the Box N Save and Captain Harvey's will be OK. Already the residents are milling about. I saw one man in his super-baggy jeans wading through the water in front of his house. I'm sure he was just checking the road to make sure he can get to Howard's Pub tonight.

Though many homes are without power or water, I expect my administration will have things up and running in no time. I've got my best man in Emergency Management, Brownie, on the case. We should be OK soon. Once the situation is cleared up I plan to parachute in trailing a "Mission Accomplished" banner. It should be pretty great.

My only regret is that I was not there when the main ruptured. I could have wrestled the pipe down and twisted it shut with my beefy arms, thus saving everyone a lot of trouble. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, huh?

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