Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is Uber-Geeky...

... but I bet you all do it anyway.

Click here to see what your Elvish name would be if you happened to live in Middle-Earth. What?!

I have to give credit to my main man Brian's sister Nicole and her blog for this little tidbit. Check the blog out here. Its way more tasteful and serious than this extended dick joke I've got going on over here. Head on over and get some culture for God's sake, but not before you look up your name and drop it in the comments.


Eruantien Calminaionion

(I looked up some elf shit on Wikipedia for the last name. It doesn't quite work with my patronymic surname. NECKBONE!)


  1. But would have a no-holds-barred four way with Frodo, Pippin, Merry and Sam to spend 3 months in middle earth or not?


  2. just call me Beriadanwen Ellethwen

  3. BELEG in the Hizzy!!!

    and no i will not have a 4 way for the too crazy Trithon