Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P. Bodhi

In case you had not heard, Patrick Swayze passed away this evening after a long bout with pancreatic cancer. He was 57.

Sway is responsible for a ton of awesome roles, including Dalton in Road House, where he ripped out a dude's throat. Despite that I will always remember him for his work in what is quite probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I'm referring of course to Point Break. Sway starred as Bodhi, the Zen surf guru and bank robber who takes a young, dumb and full of cum Johnny Utah (played by Keanu Reeves in what is by far his greatest role) under his wing and teaches him how to surf... and live.

I don't think I need to tell you how the rest of the story goes.

The movie is all kinds of awesome and culminates in this truly epic scene. Please enjoy it here and then buy this movie if you do not own it.

Vaya con dios.

Enjoy this too.


  1. You want to hear some bullshit? Most of the online obits give Point Break one line. They spend a paragraph talking about Dirty Dancing or Ghost.

    What a crapulous day.

  2. I liked him in The Outsiders, too...

  3. Red Dawn also ruled. Remember Next of Kin, where he was a cop trying to track his brother's killer before his hillbilly brother could mete out country justice? Then he was in Black Dog where he was the ex-con trucker.

    Road House was the tits too. He was even cool in Donnie Darko.

  4. How'd you leave out "To Wong Foo?" Sway has got to be, like, the best drag queen ever.

  5. Wesley stole the show in that one. He was just such a damn ugly woman.