Monday, September 14, 2009

Hardees Releases Big Hardee

Oh boy. I'm in trouble now.

Apparently Hardees had to outdo sibling fast food chain Carl's Jr. The other chain just released the Big Carl, which was there answer to McDonald's Big Mac. That girly sandwich only had two patties, making the Big Hardee the clear winner in the Kill-all-the-Fatties contest.

I'll let you know how it is if I survive it.

EDITOR'S AWESOME BURGER TANGENT: The other day I stopped by Columbia's Fatburger to try their delicious Maui Banana Milkshake. Of course I got myself a little snack too. The cool thing was when they yelled "Fatburger" back to the grill, this huge dude turned and acknowledged it. It was none other than Orlando Brown, former Baltimore Raven and current restauranteur.

Brown, seen here smacking the shit out of Jeff Triplette while with the Cleveland Browns.

I was going to say something cool like "Thanks Zeus!" but I'm a total chicken shit.


  1. Did Zeus "tour" the restaurant like he "toured" his girlfriend's house?

  2. Is that what he said he was doing? From the police report it sounded like he broke the hell in.

    But I'm not here to judge. He cooks up a mean burger so he'll always have my love.

  3. If I were with you we would have had a two hour awkward conversation with him where I wouldn't stop talking.... much like I do with people in the service industry.