Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Poll is Closed!

It's been closed for a bit now, but I've been a little sidetracked so you'll have to forgive me.

I have to say you guys did not disappoint. The majority of you were totally shallow and said you would not date someone with the height discrepancy. A little confession: I was the first one to vote and said I would not date a girl that was taller than me. Shocker, right?

What I'd really like to know is who is the sap who voted that "Love conquers all"? That's just crazy to me. Love definitely does not conquer my inferiority complex. Duh.


  1. Love does not conquer all. For example, I was on the fence about going out with this guy. Hannah and her friend said that they think he was the serial farter at the bar where I met him. Truth be told... they didn't know who was doing it, but they have forever damaged his reputation in my eyes. All I can think of is fart coming out of his mouth. I know that doesn't make sense, but even if there was a spark... it has been ruined. Love can not conquer all. Well, it wasn't really love to begin with. Maybe that wasn't the best example to share.

  2. I went out with that midget on a blind double date once-- you know, the one who had a plane in his yard? I was pissed. I am also not sure he did not have some major developmental issues. We went to Pizza Hut and I called my parents from a pay phone and then said I had to go home. We were bitches. I am signing my name as anonymous but you know who this is.

  3. Oh Anonymous Poster, I can always count on that story to bring a smile to my face. Didn't the initial contact come at the Laurel Mall? Are you still mad at the friend who knowingly set you up with the little person?