Monday, September 14, 2009

The Prince's Word of the Day: Crapulous

So I get a word of the day sent to me each morning from Its a fun way to stroke my ego because most of the words they send me I already know. As you may have noticed, I have an exceptional command of the English language, which means I talk and write real good.

Today's offering was a bit of a disappointment. The word was "crapulous." I confess that I did not know this word but had a pretty rad idea as to what it meant. I was surprised to find that it means "given to or characterized by gross excess in drinking or eating." The wonderful thing about language is that no matter how much you know or read or discover there will always be little words that fly under the radar and surprise you. This was one of those.

I totally think crapulous should be the opposite of fabulous. I think the words construction lends itself to that. Let's examine. First, we have the root word "crap" which means doody or shit. Then we have "-ulous" which is the end of fabulous. defines "fabulous" as "almost impossible to believe; incredible." I think we should redefine crapulous to mean the exact same thing but only with a crappy connotation, i.e. "We went to the The Prince's party and all he had was a case of Miller High Life and a bag of Utz. It was totally crapulous."

We have the power to do this. Who is with me?


  1. I am with you. Words are suppose to help you communicate better. If you are trying to describe people that ate or drank too much, why would you use that word? Your audience won't look it up and instead just think that those people are a big suckfest... when, in actuality, they are rock stars.

  2. I am in. Like how "awful" and "awesome" used to mean the opposite... i.e., "awful" meant radical and "awesome" meant shitty. But I guess that's not really similar at all, is it?...

    I really do feel crapulous right now cuz I just ate an entire frozen pizza by myself.


  3. I am SO in. Let's make crapulous happen.

    ps. crapulous is not recognized by google Chrome as a word-- its The Man trying to keep us down.