Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Battles in Bed Stuy, Do or Die

Welcome back to Biggie Day here at The Prince of Dundalk (are blog names italicized?).

I had to post this video because it reminds me of growing up on the mean streets of Columbia, Muderland. It also brings back memories of my boy Lil' Roo battling on Rustling Leaf.

He might not have made a rap record but his skills were legendary, as were his impromptu performances in his station wagon and at parties. I wish I could have recorded him dropping "Raw Dogg" and "Lockdown" back in the day. I'd be a rich man.


  1. While "Raw Dogg" and "Lockdown" were great hits I think my gift was most evident in the "comic store tapes" of the early 1990's... they were "fly like the Dow Jones average"...

  2. That was good. I also liked how you segued into another set of rhymes with "Look at Brian/look look look at Brian/Look at look at Brian" and then dropped that ill science about him being "the man with the plan/the boy with the toys."